Winner Winner Chicken Dinner


Wow!! I seriously cannot believe it’s almost been 3 weeks since we’ve been here in Guatemala. Time has absolutely flown by, and we all have seen Jesus in so many different ways. It’s incredible.

He shows up everywhere- from playing with the children in the streets, dodging tuk tuks and motorcycles, to singing in family homes, and having meals with my team. I’m able to look into my teammates eyes and find Jesus looking back at me, full of grace and love.

However, sometimes Jesus shows up in places we don’t expect, and he sometimes trips us up and makes us fall. He pushes us to our absolute limit, where we are so close to breaking we can’t help but cry. But THAT is when we hit our destiny; our breaking point is where we push through to really see what we are supposed to be doing, and how we are supposed to be doing it.

These past few weeks, my team and I have experienced a lot. We have our ups and downs, but with our strength in Jesus, we are stronger than ever before, and ready to face whatever God has in store for us head on. There have been a few times where Satan has tried to hinder us- he has tried to pull us back down into a slump, into a valley, that we were not created for. Every single one of us was created for GREATNESS, not weakness. We were not made to live in a valley that the enemy has created. We are meant to live in FREEDOM because of God’s grace and love for us.

Take that, Satan. WE win. GOD wins. Every. Single. Time.

Guatemala has presented my team and I with spiritual, physical, and emotional challenges and hurdles that we have to jump through, but we do it willingly and with happy, grateful hearts. What with the rain showers almost daily, the incredibly large hills we have to hike up every day, the stray dogs we want to snuggle, and with the places that make our stomachs churn because of the darkness that surrounds them, we almost always have a battle to fight. But guess what? We win; we have won; and we will win- all because of God’s power and love for each one of us. We are exhausted. Some of us have been sick. Some of us have to fight harder than others. But we all win because of Jesus; we win over our exhaustion and our sicknesses, we win over our fear and our uncertainty.

So, to say the least, my team is happy and alive and sharing the love of Jesus. We are all in love with this country and its people, and we are excited to see what else will come our way.

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