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One of the greatest things as a leader is to see your team members jumping into the unknown with full hearts and trusting that they are going to be making an impact where they are. Guatemala team 1 is in Antigua this month partnering with YWAM (Youth With A Mission) and the various ministries they are apart of. This month will be full of evangelism, food distribution to the homeless, children’s ministry, and so much more. Still I am most excited about the growth that is coming for my team. They are already setting the bar very high since being here. They have such an incredible motivation and I love every second of it. Here are a few things that stand out to me with my group…


I have never been a part of a team that is as direct and honest to each other than this team I have the privilege to lead. They are not afraid to speak out, especially if they do not understand what they are just beginning to learn. They ask great questions about hearing God’s voice and how to give good feedback to each other. If they don’t get it, they want to, and they seek me out to help them understand. The journey will be a process, but I am proud of them stepping out into the unknown and seeing what God can do through them.

All of them are also so eager to be apart of ministry. We arrived here on Tuesday this week and they immediately wanted to jump in and join ministry. 4 of my girls went to an english class where they loved on kids within our first two hours of being there. They have an itch for the ministry they will be doing and I am excited to watch them explore those different ministries.



I love that my team is already praying big prayers for people. I saw it the other day when one of my guys was praying for a man who was crippled. He prayed for the man to be healed of his affliction. These are incredible moments that stretch your faith and bring you to a closer place with the Lord. I am proud of how they are pushing themselves into new realms, even if they do not understand all of what they are doing. Their obedience to listen to the Lord, hear His voice, and then follow His guidance is growing each time we do ministry together. I truly believe, as they continue to grow and delve into their spiritual gifts, that they all will become dangerous Kingdom workers.


I think one of the coolest thing to see is how they are already becoming like a family. They laugh, they joke, and they truly believe in one another. It isn’t a perfect scenario, but we work through things together, and we believe in the best for one another. They are intentional with each other and build each other up in so many different ways. They honor each other and they are continually looking for ways to serve one another while we are on the field. It still stumps me sometimes how 9 total strangers can meet up and become family in such a short amount of time. We speak into each others lives, we encourage and push each other to grow, all of it together is such a beautiful thing.



My prayer for them is to continue to dive deeper. To be grow in boldness as they work in the ministries we have planned for each day. I pray they step out beyond their comfort zones, and that they don’t settle when they have discovered something new, but instead they continue to go farther and farther. I pray that their relationship with the Lord grows to new depths on this trip; that they see how great intimacy with the Father can be. Guatemala Team 1: Keep praying bold prayers, keep loving each other well, and keep pushing forward during this process of learning and growing.

I love you all and I am super proud. 

¡Somos familia! - We Are Family!


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They Are…

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