My Life’s Dream Is To Live In A Shed

Today was my day off of ministry. And it was my favorite day of all since I got here. I spent my day with my host contact, Ashley, who I’ve spoken of on this page before. We went to two church services, played with her puppy, visited her fiancé’s mom, and took a puppy on a chicken bus all the way to Parramos to run errands. I got to see Antigua and new parts of Guatemala from a whole new perspective today.

From the perspective of possibly living here someday.

If there is one thing (even though there’s many things) that God has taught me so far on this trip is that I don’t want an ordinary life.

Today I heard myself say for the first time that I would be 100% content living in one of the sheds that the Guatemalans live in. With a rigid tin door and earth floors. At first it surprised me. And then I realized that I honestly and completely meant what I said. I believe that if I want to do ministry the best that I can, I need to have the perspective and hold myself to the standards of the people I serve.

I want to live on the side of a mountain. I want to only have enough money to live and the rest will be used towards ministry.

(This goes for wherever God calls me to serve. Whether it be Guatemala or somewhere completely new.)

Normal people will look at this as ignorance. “Why waste my 4.0 GPA and gifted mind to be poor?” But I think it’s beautiful.

Until you come to the conclusion that nothing in this world, your home, your car, your beloved family, is actually yours, this dream seems like mere stupidity. But when you stop and realize that God gave us these things, these “rights” that aren’t even ours, to be given back to Him. I got the following example from the book I’m currently reading, “Making Jesus Lord.”

It’s like giving a Father’s Day present as a child. Your dad gives you the money you use to buy his present, whether it’s earned through allowance or given freely. Your dad owns the money, therefore the gift is already his. But you go to the store and pick out something special just to return the love.

God created everything we have. He owns everything we think is ours. But we are asked to give it up to Him in order to follow Him. To return the love.

Which is what I will do with my life.

I want to give my rights up and trust that the Lord will provide for me. I want to let this place become my home instead of making this place become like my home. I want to live as a villager in order to be able to serve the villagers better, a goal of mine which Ashley carries out so well.

In today’s world, a college degree is so important. And I will continue with my studies until I feel God telling me to pack up and leave. Whether that’s after my first four years, or after medical school. When He calls, I will go. And when He stops providing for me, I will catch the first plane back home. But I truly believe that if I am meant to serve somewhere, then the Lord will provide until He says I am finished.

I don’t want to be the rich American who throws money at people on the streets to get on their feet. And I don’t want to be the ignorant missionary who lives in a huge house and looks down upon the people on the streets with sympathy. Instead, I want to sit among the people on the streets in order to serve them better.

Most people my age dream of living in a mansion with acres of land and horses and driving nice cars. But I know there is a better life for me. A life that may not seem fruitful to the normal person’s eye, but seems completely and utterly beautiful to me.



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