Take the Cap Off

     Tonight I experienced more freedom and peace in the Holy Spirit than I ever have. I have never known His power to be so strong and deep. There’s a part of me that has been angry at God and a part of me that was scared that God wasn’t who He says He is. 

     He says His word never returns void. He says if we ask anything according to His will, He hears us and we have what we ask for. I felt like this hadn’t proved true in my life and I was angry and scared. I was scared about praying bold prayers in India for healing and life because I felt this disconnect. I was afraid of looking dumb.

     But tonight I found complete freedom in the power of the Holy Spirit. I felt a total release of the worry and anger I had before. I didn’t care about anything but who He was. Leaders prayed over me and I could feel in the deepest part of me a rest from the Holy Spirit. I opened my eyes and looked at the floor in front of me where teardrops had rolled of my face. 

     I had been scared of the Holy Spirit in a way I didn’t even realize. I was now seeing parts of Him that I hadn’t before. But I found that He just wants to be with me. He wants to talk with me and partner with me on this journey. I had been putting a cap on my life that held him in–fear. But tonight I felt release. It was like nothing I have ever experienced.

I finally had a peace with who God is. I experienced intimacy with His Spirit. He is so beautiful.

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