Staring into the Face of God

How do you view God? An anonymous philanthropist that is there for your manipulation and pleasure? A cool hipster dude in ripped jeans who is only around to help your life to be cooler?

For me, God has always been a scary authority who was full of wrath and just waiting to throw me in Hell for all the wrong I had done. He was always scribbling his red, grading pen on every flaw I possessed (Dramatic, right?). Though I would never admit that to anyone, my actions told of my feelings. I have always felt like Jesus didn’t want something like me. How could I stare into the eyes of a holy God and expect to see that He is pleased with me and my life?

Well, I found out tonight that I was wrong. And I’ve never been more happy to be wrong in my life!

Tonight, I was asked what was keeping the Holy Spirit from moving in my life? What stood in the way? I asked God. And God answered.

Jesus wants me to know that I am His daughter. I am his child. He wants to wrap His arms around me and embrace me and have holy intimacy with me. He wishes that I wouldn’t see Him as an angry tyrant who I must cower in fear from. He is a loving Father who desires that I will obey him out of love. He doesn’t want me to push Him away. He wants me to run to Him in every situation.

I am done hiding in shame from God. I will stare him in the face. I’ll keep my eyes on him and I will never, ever look away.

God bless!

Karson W.

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