On to Ongole

On Friday we leave to go to a smaller village called Ongole, which is where the other two of Sarah’s homes are located. Tomorrow is our last day of ministry before we leave Hyderabad.


This never gets easier. Building relationships and then having to say goodbye. I knew it was inevitable but that doesn’t make it easier. These girls have invaded my heart and it tears me to pieces to have to say goodbye. They all have unique personalities and special little things about them. They make my day every time I see them. Just being around them, I am filled with joy. They reflect Christ’s unconditional love better then most people I know. They have taught me so much about God and about how I’m called to live.


It never gets easier saying goodbye to people who have impacted my life in such a way. It’s hard to think that in one day I’ll have to say no to their question “Tomorrow coming?” But God has reminded me that their lives don’t begin and end with my coming and going. He began a work in their lives before I arrived, and he will continue to work in their lives after I leave. My job now is to pray for them, for their hearts, and for the people God is going to bring into their world next.


My role now is also to share and make people aware of these amazing girls. These girls are truly incredible, they really have changed my world and how I live. And I want to encourage you readers to do the same for them. Most of the girls in Jubilee home don’t have the funding Sarah’s Covenant Homes needs. Actually a hand full of them have no funding at all.


I want to ask on behalf of these young women for your help to support them financially. A monthly sponsorship will help pay for the girls basic living needs. Every donation helps. I ask you to prayerfully consider partnering in changing these girls lives forever. If you’re interested go to the SCH website and look under the “get involved” page.


Please continue to pray for these girls and their hearts.


For us it’s on to Ongole.

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