Missionary for Life

Over the last couple of days it has become so obvious to me that God has called me to way higher places then just being here in Capetown for three months. He has shown me how He wants me to live not just here but when I go home as well. I didn’t come here to be a missionary for three months and call it good. I’ve been called to be a missionary for the rest of my life. I’ve been called to live in a way that wherever I go I make Jesus’ name known. I’ve been called to shine the light of Jesus wherever my feet walk.

So often it is easy to get caught up in life and think that we have set times that we need to be serving Jesus, set times that we need to be being His hands and feet, and set times that we need to be worshipping Him. But that’s not how it should be, I should be living in a mindset that everywhere I go is an opportunity for me to be a missionary. Whether that is in Oceanview when I’m playing with the children, or when I’m on the train sitting next to a stranger, or when I go home and back to every day life, people should know who I serve. The point is that no matter where we are or what we are doing we are to be serving the Kingdom.

Having God bring me to South Africa has been one of the most rewarding and growing seasons of my life so far. I have learned that being a missionary doesn’t always mean living in that rural village in the middle of Africa, or living in that orphanage with children that have no one left in their lives. Yes. Sometimes it does mean these things but it is also looks like being that teacher in a school who is impacting kids every day, or sitting in that office surrounded by co-workers that mock you and Christianity. Sometimes it means living a physically comfortable life in South Africa. This is what is has looked like for me for the past two months. Honestly, I have been so blessed with an amazing place to stay and amazing things to do here in Capetown. But just because I’m living a fairly comfortable life here doesn’t mean I should just settle in and get into a routine of when I’m supposed to be serving others. It means going that extra mile and looking for the opportunities God is providing me with. God has taken us all to different places for His divine purpose and our only job is to make sure we fulfill that and don’t have wasted opportunities.

I’m a missionary for life, not just for the next month yet or until the next trip across the world. In every moment, I am to be a missionary for the Kingdom of God.

This past week we left our town and had our mid-point debrief. This time has been so good just to get geared up for our final month here and to see what God has for us yet in South Africa. Pray that we can just finish strong and that we can give everything we have into serving these people. Thanks again just for all the support I’ve been receiving through your prayers. It means so much. 



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