Life Update

I can hardly believe that I have been living in Oceanview, Capetown for a month now. It’s crazy how fast time is flying by and how I will be home before I even realize it.

The ministry that we do here is never really the same day to day so I’m getting to do a variety of things. Because of this I’m learning how to be more flexible and how to just go with whatever is asked of me. Before I came on this trip I thought of myself as a very flexible person, but I’m realizing that I’m not as good at that as I thought. I’m learning that it’s hard to not know what I’m going to be doing the next day or in the next week. Along with this comes learning how to be patient. Something that I also thought I was pretty good at. Turns out I haven’t been in that many situations before that my patience has been tested over and over. This past week the children in our town have been out of school so our days were filled with playing with them, reading Bible stories, colouring and just trying to keep strengthening our relationships with them. Kids are the same in every country, they teach me patience. It has been so good for me to spend lots of time with them because they are growing me so much. The other thing that has been new to me on this trip is learning how to live with 5 other girls in a small house, instead of being in the home that I’m used too. I’ve been blessed with a wonderful team so I’m so thankful for that. But in this transition I’ve needed to learn patience all over again. 

On Thursday of this week we took about 45 kids on a hike up the mountain that is right outside of our town. This was definitely the highlight of my week. I loved watching the children get so excited when they could see the ocean in the distance. I loved watching them do flips and back flips over and over. I loved racing them down steep sand hills (even though it was probably one of the more terrifying things I’ve ever done). I loved just watching them just simply being kids and embracing their “freedom” that they got for the day. It breaks my heart to hear that for many of them they never get to leave their town. They don’t get to experience the beauty and fun of the ocean even though it is hardly a five minute drive from where they live. They don’t get to see the animals that live just right outside of town. Most of them come from homes that I can’t even imagine growing up in and it makes me wonder how did I get so blessed to have so many people in my life that love and care for me.
Here is a picture of all my friends. Sometimes its good to give up on organization. 🙂
You can continue to pray for my team and I that we could just have the spiritual and physical energy we need every day to invest in the lives here. Thank you so much for all of your support. 

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