The Cemetery

The cemetery here in Chichi is so colorful and is unlike anything I have ever seen. It has the ability to make you feel a bit joyful. However, the darkness is still present because among those graves are people who are forever burning offerings and candles in hopes of receiving something such as good luck, money, or malice to others. It is sad to see these people so lost and so focused on what may never come out of the offerings they burn. I see the hope in their eyes and the longing for a gift that only the one true God can give which is salvation. As I walked through the cemetery for the first time I prayed for their souls and prayed that the light of Christ would shine through my teammates and I. Little by little our prayers and getting to know the people around us is making an impact. I know that I may not see results of change now but I rest in the fact that God’s plans are greater.

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