Surrounded by Hills and The Holy Spirit

Nepal is a whole other world. We’ve only been here a week and already I’ve experienced such highs and lows. As we arrived I couldn’t contain my excitement to be in Nepal and my anticipation for all that God will do here. I feel truly truly blessed to have been given the opportunity to travel half way around the world to serve the Nepali people. The blessings have continued to flow as I only experienced jet lag for less than a day and I haven’t felt the slightest bit sick *knock on wood*. I may be dirty and sticky from the humidity but I’m surrounded by an amazing community of believers and I’m as happy as can be!

The lows I’ve experienced have come from walking into places here where sin is abundant. So far I’ve experienced this as we’ve done bar ministry. During this ministry we go to areas that have what they call “cabin bars.” They’re basically restaurants where prostitutes work and the customers can pay for food in addition to whatever “extra services” they desire. Inside the restaurants are little rooms (cabins) that are meant for privacy – hence the name “cabin bars.”

The first day that we did this ministry we received a HUGE blessing in the form of an answered prayer. There was a particular bar that the ministry I’m serving through had been praying for for 2 years. We went to the bar to find that the owner had had a change of heart and made the bar into a regular restaurant where they no longer employ prostitutes. Praise the Lord for that!

On the second day of bar ministry we met two women and our group was able to talk to them both. The woman that I was able to talk amazed me with her vulnerability as she shared her heart breaking story with us (though our translator). For various reasons outside of her control, she’s been forced to result to her current line of work as a means of supporting herself. She has only been working at that bar for 2 weeks now and admitted that, if she was able to find another job she would leave this one. It was evident that she wants out. Our ministry host is meeting with her today in the hopes of rescuing her. We’re all praying had that that would happen!

I am super stoked for all that we’ll be doing this next week. We leave early tomorrow morning to head to the mountains to do ministry there! I’m doing my best to go into it with an open heart and open mind. I’m confident God will use it to do some wonderful work.

Until next time!

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