Encouragement Through a Little Boy

After our first night of children’s ministry, I felt really discouraged. I wasn’t connecting with the kids and it was hard to get one and one time with such a large team. (Don’t get me wrong I love my team and love that I have such a big family here). After that I was praying to God and just asking what He wanted me to do. I was really wanting God to show me that I was here for a reason and that I had a purpose here.

Later that night we went to a soccer field to play a game with some of our hosts friends. While I was sitting watching the game, I looked over to my left and saw a little boy kicking a soccer ball to himself. I heard God’s gentle voice say nows your chance. So I went over asked if I could play with him and he kicked the ball to me. We kicked the ball back and forth for a good hour and even through the pouring rain.

In that moment, God used me to brighten up a little boys evening. He showed me that I was here for a reason and that He was going to use in ways I couldn’t see yet. God used that little boy to encourage me in ways he’ll never know! I’m thankful for that little Padre, I truly will never forget him.

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