Snapshot of India

We’ve been in India for almost two weeks now and I thought I’d given a quick snapshot of what our life here looks like.


We are working with an organization called Sarah’s Covenant Homes. They have six houses for special needs orphans, four in Hyderabad, two in Ongole. Our team is divided over the four houses here in Hyderabad.


The first house is Rescue which has the little babies. Then there’s Courage which is sectioned off into three autonomous floors. The first floor has kids from ages 2-6, this is also where preschool is held. The 2nd floor is home to boys of all ages. Then the 3rd floors is full of kids who are either deaf, blind or who have another type of major disability. The third house is Joy which is all girls, ages 4-10. Lastly there is Jubilee which houses girls from ages 10-16 (which is the house I help in).


We work in the houses every week day between 10am-1pm and 4pm-6pm, then on Saturdays we do projects in different houses. Our roles vary between houses but overall we are there to help them in circle times, school classes, bible times, and one-on-ones, which are sessions where we focus on working on specialized skills and activities with certain kids. But we also many times get to play games, jump on the trampoline, and just hang out with them. They are all very special kids with beautiful personalities.


We have some have awesome work here in India, but it does come with it’s own set of challenges. All the houses seemed very overwhelming when we first got here, and even now they can be very overwhelming. There are a good number of kids in each house and they are all very exciting you’re there and all want to spend time with you and all want your attention. It can be frustrating when you’re trying to engage in one girl who never wants to play ball and then you have five other girls who want you to do five different activities with them. It can be physically and emotionally draining trying to keep up with 10 girls with 10 very different personalities. But in spite of those challenges, the kids make it all worth it. When you walk through the gates and can hear them screaming with excitement that you’re there, it honestly makes you get excited to be there. They are so full of joy, they don’t care who you are or where you’re from, they’re just happy you’re with them. They make it so fun, they are all so unique, they all have little quirks and funny attributes. They really do make it all worth it.


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