Love is Hard

Hello people of the world!! We are IN SWAZILAND!!! It is so crazy that we are actually here! We are living in a beautiful home with oodles of room for us all. We got in late Thursday night so Friday was a day of rest. Sami and I tried running but that wasnt going to happen!! There was too many adorable children to play with!! You walk outside and they come running with arms wide open. The language barrier is just that–a barrier. But it is such a beautiful thing to see how simply loving on these children shows Christs love. 


1 John 3:18, “Little children, let us not love in word or talk but in deed and in truth.”


that is such a wonderful verse to keep in mind to simply be love to these children, to these people. 


But o be honest with all of you..it is hard. I did not realize how hard it would be to just jump right into another culture and have zero contact with the culture I am used to. I know blogs are meant to be real so here ya go. I have cried just about every night. I miss my parents. I miss my boyfriend I miss my car and the ability to go anywhere I want. I miss the variety f food. I miss the USA. 


I AM A SPOILED BRAT. That’s the truth. 


But it the truth also is that He loves me. Even though I am a brat. He loves ME. WITH ALL MY INSECURITIES. With all my wants. He loves me. And he loves all the people around me. 

So yes. I miss America and my comfort sone but I am thrilled for this opportunity to learn to love in a whole new way 

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