The Ethereal Warrior

Embarking on a missions trip, crossing the Atlantic Ocean for the first time is probably the craziest thing that I have ever done. But sometimes you just have to let go of your fear and be crazy for Jesus. This has proven to be the best experience ever and I am only 5/6 days into my trip. I have experienced many firsts including writing this blog, which is pretty difficult. I cannot seem to find the words to accurately describe how it is over here in Nsoko, Swaziland. 
The first couple of days here, my mind could not even comprehend the fact that I was no longer in Los Angeles, California. This could not be my reality. But it is. And I thank God for the beautiful women that God has placed in my life, who are ready to pray and battle with me. The Ethereal Warriors. 
Spending time with children, many who are orphans, has definitely made it real. You would never know that they go to bed hungry and cold. They never complain, just display such unexplainable joy. Every time I think about them I can’t help but get teary-eyed. The first day, full day in Swaziland, I spent time with a little girl just holding her. At times other children would crop up seeking attention, but it is just this one little girl, who couldn’t be older than 3 years old, who is stuck on my mind every night I go to sleep. Since it is the winter season over here, it gets darker earlier, and since the children have to walk home, they have to leave around 3 pm. So I’m sitting holding this girl,  the sun is starting to set, and she just gets up off of my lap, and walks towards the road. Alone. I was left sitting in shock because it was so unexpected. I could only sit there and look at the back of her walk away. Very hard to digest that there is nothing you can do, it’s just the reality of their life. 
As you read this blog and the blogs of others I implore you to put thought into creating a mission trip of your own. You never experience God until you take on the great commission. It does not have to be an overseas trip. It doesn’t have to last 1 month, 2 months, 3 years. You can take a one day trip to somewhere in your own backyard that has a need for Christ. 
Thank you for your support and prayers as I tell you tales of Swaziland, eSwatini as it has been renamed and the transformation that God is performing in my life and the lives of those around me. God bless!
First-time blogger,
Alexa Hayes

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