I Didn’t Want to be Here

I’m so stubborn and such a home body. When I first felt called to this trip, I shut it down. Me? In Asia? For a whole month? No way. I didn’t want to be there. I didn’t want to spend a month out of my comfort zone, out of my home, away from my friends and family. But, God’s calling quickly took over, and here I am. Writing to you from halfway across the world, and I never want to come home.

To start it off, I never knew how important a Christian community was until this trip. It was almost hypocritical of me, being a 6th grade Sunday school teacher that rants about how important life groups are, but I never had my own community… until now. I met these 14 beautiful souls less than 2 weeks ago, and I’m no longer homesick because they are my family. We all mesh together perfectly. All of the quirkiness and sarcasm perfectly counteracts the sweet and quiet, and we all go together so well. We are so different, yet God is using each and everyone of us in many ways already.
This week, we have had the opportunity to do outreach to waitresses in cabin bars that doubled as women who sell themselves, “beautify” the women’s center, love on and tutor sweet kids, as well as lead a women’s bible study. As every hour goes by, I realize more and more that this community is what I’ve been missing in my walk with Christ, and I am so thankful that God put each and everyone of these people in my life.

One of my favorite places happens to be the roof of our ministry home. Sitting up there journaling and digging into God’s word while listening to my surroundings is so comforting. Muddy dirt roads, buildings that touch, dogs, cars, and cows everywhere you look, and people doing laundry on their roof; all of that is so peaceful. All of that is home. Nepal is such a beautiful place, and this trip is such a blessing from God.

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