Dear Me

Dear Future Kendra,

How have you been girl?

Hopefully you have settled back home well and enjoyed a few salads and smoothies (instead of the mysterious mayonnaise and fries sandwiches the Bulgarians seem to love here). I am currently writing you from Bulgaria, where the summer temperatures have reached the 100s and the air conditioning is no where to be found…I’m surprised our Chacos haven’t melted in to the cement yet. On the bright side, this gives us more of an excuse to stop by the local gelato cart in town.

I’m writing this letter to remind you of some amazing lessons you have learned while serving in ministry here, and to encourage you to continue to fight to grow closer to God everyday. Popularity, social media likes, and human approval literally do not mean anything as long as you are pursuing God’s will with your entire heart. Remember how incredible it felt to spend those moments alone with God? To serve even when no one back home knew you were? Live your life to please HIM and everything else will fall into place. Stop putting your worth in the image of you people see, and instead focus on how to serve others.

Also, I want you to know that you are incredibly beautiful inside and out. I know you struggle with body-image, but remember that you are God’s creation…and trust me the Lord does not make any ugly things. He delights and rejoices over you my darling, so quit being so hard on yourself.

Always remember how easy it is to find ministry right outside of your doorstep. Your time in Bulgaria consisted of construction work, cleaning, painting, teaching english, playing with the neighborhood kids, and even making friends with the local coffee guy. Just like this, bring the kingdom with you everywhere you go from now on. God has opportunities and surprises sprinkled for you in every moment of the day, its just up to you to be looking for them. People everywhere need to experience the love of Jesus, and you can help them experience that by just being open to where God wants to use you.

I want to encourage you that God has SO MUCH planned for you than you could ever imagine. Friends you haven’t met yet, wonderful adventures you haven’t heard of yet, and even daily opportunities you have the chance to grasp.

This is just the beginning my friend, and I pray that you will have the courage to let your light shine in the darkness wherever God may lead you.