Church in South Africa

My team and I had our first church service in Africa on Sunday. Sunday is our rest day for the week, so there were two options. We could go to the service in the morning in a different town and also go to the service in Oceanview in the evening, or only go to the service in Oceanview. The rest of my team chose to stay home in the morning, but I went to church with our contact. The minute I stepped inside was the first time since we got here that I had the thought “I’m definitely in Africa again.”    There really is nothing like church in Africa. It is usually loud,...

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Climbing the Mountain

Well, I have finally made it to Capetown, South Africa. After many hours of sitting and sleeping in both airports and airplanes I’m glad we are here. This past weekend we had the training for this trip. Training was a whirlwind of emotions. It included many moments of fear, but also many moments of excitement. It was also a time of surrendering this trip to my Father. To be honest these next three months can look like a mountain to me, but I have decided that I’m willing to climb it with my hands wide open. I’m truly willing to be open to whatever my God has for me here in...

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Peace. Love. South Africa.

We have arrived safe and sound in Oceanview, South Africa! after three airports and four flights we arrived yesterday afternoon local time. We went to bed early and slept for about 13 hours! We had the opportunity to walk around our town and get some history this morning. We will only have access to wifi about one or two times a week, so if you don’t hear from us please don’t worry. We will be out in our community playing soccer with the kids, going to churches, and visiting our neighbors. We are excited for the next three months and what the Lord has in store for us here!! Please...

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