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A Gorgeous Day

I want to tell you about I wonderful afternoon I had recently. This past Sunday, after church and then lunch at our host’s home, someone suggested we go out to play some soccer. We got everyone together and went to our host’s uncle’s house. He lives at what appeared to be a disused shop yard with a couple of large warehouse type buildings, but there was a grassy yard in the back with some goals set up. A few more cousins and friends were planning on joining us, but they were going to be about an hour later than us, so we had some time to just sit and hang out. Initially, this...

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Files, Files, and More Files

Hola!       I can’t believe I’ve been gone for a week already! We have Ben in Ecuador since late Monday night, and arrived in Portoviejo late Wednesday night. Our first day was spent exploring Quito and getting lost on the busses, but we made it and did find a nice park. We arrived in Portoviejo late Wednesday night and got settled into our apartment. The church found the apartment for rent 1/2 a block away from the church and the Pastor’s home the day before we arrived, so it was a blessing from God! It’s unfurnished, but we have mattresses to sleep...

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In Ecuador

The team has safely arrived in Quito! We rested and explored the town yesterday, and today we will head to Portoviejo on a bus! We have met another family here that we have been able to play games with and make bracelets with. We have also played the instruments as well!    Pray for us as we travel to our ministry site! More to come soon!

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