The Struggle Bus


After lots of time and no blog update I feel somewhat ready to share the dreaded truths and the wicked realities of being on a month long mission.

I seriously need hot water. I will say that my lowest lows come at 6:15am when I’m outside showering with ice cold water looking at the fog roll in and saying to myself that I could’ve been back in New York City working a normal job.
I would LOVE some American food. I have lost weight and I am low on energy and a green juice or any near equivalent would be tight.
More clothing options? Unheard of at the moment. Today the clothes I wore to bed I also wore during the day. It’s fine everything’s fine I just want to look cute.
I wanna be warm, and who knew Guatemala was this cold.


I wouldn’t trade any of the inconveniences for the world. God gave me the opportunity to struggle to learn. We visited a missionary compound and they were begging to have the experiences we were having. The food and the ‘bubble guts’ that come with it are so worth the insight I have been given as to the culture and how they love so freely what they have been given. I have given up a modern job to be here and to serve the Lord in the best way possible.
I’ve learned more about myself and humanity by watching the sun rise while attempting to bucket shower even though I hate being cold. I will never again dread a shower before work or class and I needed that.
Challenges in my faith cause me to grow. And challenges in life help me to grow. Therefore I am growing through the struggles I would’ve never faced before this.

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