The House Church (Community)

The thought of house churches have intrigued me for the last couple of years. I’ve wrestled with the idea if true community existed in the two minutes given in a typical church service to mingle. I tried my best to force myself to go to church but felt more like a spectator watching an event rather than an active participant in what was happening. 

During my first semester at G42, the idea of starting a community sparked my interest even more. A place where everyone could contribute; not just the pastor. A place where everyone was welcome to interact; atheists, homeless, drug addicts, etc. A place that didn’t have to take place in a set building but could be anywhere as we fellowship. A community built on trust to help each other in times of need, help raise each others children and simply live life together. 


This past week I had the opportunity to go to a house church in Chiang Rai, Thailand. It was quite small but was extremely impactful. 


The group consisted of three families and the 7 of us on the Passport team. The evening started by us all eating and fellowshipping together. This was followed by a set time for the children to learn about the 5 love languages and how to love the people well in their family. 


Then the adults had a time to interact and learn about how to raise their families well. A time where everyone interacted and were able to raise concerns rather than be forced to simply listen. 


The final portion of the evening involved both the children and the adults. Three of us on the team sat in a chair individually surrounded by the children as they prayed for us. It was incredible what these young people got for us individually. Many of the kids received pictures and words for us that were precisely what we needed at the time. The words over me brought me to tears.

This was church. It was small but impactful. It was intimate even with us new people there. There were no pews. No building. Just a group of open people willing to explore life and spirituality together. God showed up.


This is something I want to see more of. A place where everyone is encouraged to contribute. Where everyone is empowered to grow and share what they receive from the Lord. A place where true community is built and the Kingdom of God is formed.

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