Team WATO Snapshot

-Overview of Team WATO (Team What Are The Odds)

Overall we work pretty well together. We have a lot of different leaders on the team but there is no overarching dictator which is nice. Letting each other lead in our individual strengths is one of our team’s strong suits.

-Alligh: team leader
Done 4 passport trips plus the world race. Super adventurous and athletic. She is a laid-back leader but lets her experience shine through in situations.

Girl from Kentucky who is the nicest person on the planet. She talks to everyone is willing to be taught in anything from farming to Maui Thai. The sun gives her her power, she lays in it almost everyday

Is a great teacher and planner. She gets a task and goes full force after it. Lover of coffee and coffee shops. Understands her limits and pushes them.

One of the sweetest, spunky girls you will meet. Her quietness is a source of calm for the team. Super observant and thoughtful.

Powerhouse. Women of few words. Plays “what are the odds”, loses and has to wear a sparkly, furry, unicorn shirt for a week.

She will talk to ANYONE, whether they understand or not. Sarcastic and loud, but caring. Will hype people UP.

Creative, has a God-given heart for teenage boys, and loves Nutella. She is also an awesome video editor and has already made a video of our time in Cambodia. External processor

Internal processor. Jack of all trades. Able to ask the “what-ifs?” of the plans created by the team. Prayer warrior and a lover of learning all things.

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