Thoughts on Re-Entry

      This season is coming to an end until I must enter into the ‘real’ world. It’s true that time waits for no man.
     I will soon be amongst people who have known me for my entire life. The people who have seen me cry, laugh for joy, and all the pain of growing up. They saw the formation of the beginning of my life. The creation of my values, beliefs, and skills.
      I will soon leave the people who have known me for the past 3 months. They have seen me triumph and fail, grow and recede, through humor and gloom. They have seen me grow in ways I did not think possible. They have seen me in a transition stage of my life.

     As time grows short, it causes me to think. Was this time worth it? To spend more time in transition for ‘personal growth’ seems contradictory. Will it even make a long-lasting impact? Will the people I’m serving even remember my name?

     In the end, what matters?

     The answer is, spending the kingdom of God (Mark 16:15). Even if all I can do is be the 7 out of 11 people to turn a person tChristst, I will be that person. I might not see the results, but that should not stop my pursuing people with the love of Christ (Mark 11:10)
     In the end, I am left with growth, impressions, and people. Growth in my eternal relationship with God. Impressions of what he has taught me. People and moments that God worked in will fade with time, but will always have a place in my heart. (Isaiah 46:9)
     It will take time to process all that has happened. To try to explain all that has happened. All the things I’ve learned, experienced, and been apart of will take time to manifest in my memory (2nd Corinthians 7:10).
     It’s true that God works in unexpected ways. He has brought me into this time for a reason. I will never regret following God’s voice.

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