A month in Peru, that’s no biggie, right?

Before this trip I had done a few short term mission trips overseas. I came into this trip thinking “oh it’s going to be awesome, I’m going to be so busy” but let me tell you, there is so much time for me to spend with the Holy Spirit. I must say it’s awesome & He is speaking to me and my team. But let me also tell you, I miss my bed, my family, Chick-fil-A, my coffee dates with my pals, and much more. But this is where I find strength in the Lord. I wasn’t expecting to find so much peace while living in Peru for a month, but when you ask the Lord – He gives you peace. After being here for a week and a half things became real. I had to really tell myself “I’m living in Peru” and I’ve really had to encourage myself to give everything I have and leave it here because soon enough when I’m home, I’ll want to be back serving these amazing people. The Lord has opened my eyes to much more than only what I see: the broken families, the pain, the dirt roads, the impoverished homes. He’s shown me constant love, through my team & everyone I’ve met along the way. But something the Lord has really laid on my heart to share is that there are broken families, impoverished homes, suffering children right next door to us back in the United States. Yes, the Lord calls us to all nations, but we are included in those nations. We are called to be servants. Find opportunities right where you are and take them. Don’t let fear blind you by what you are called to do, but be bold & obey the Lord. We are only called to obey, not to figure out our entire lives but just to listen and be obedient. As I’m sitting here on the roof of the home we are staying at while the wind is blowing in my hair and the sun beating on my skin I think about how I struggle with being still at home. I constantly find myself in bed before I even get in my word or before I even pray. But we have to want and pursue a relationship with him, not just one that is a prayer a day but constantly thanking Him for our lives and if we are hurting we can turn to Him – in the darkest of times & in the best of times. There is no time for “I’ll get to Him later or I’ll read my bible later” when is later??? Because later may become never. And never becomes too late.

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