I am learning to be wax. Soft, soft wax before a fire. Hot wax that runs as if it were water.

This fluidity wrecks me! The Lord wrecks me and melts me and molds me into a new creation!

I have established a pretty decent routine here in Cambodia. Wake up at 4:30AM, morning prayer in a language I do not understand, breakfast at 7:00AM, and on. Every bit of me fights this routine. This routine melts my independence!

But Micah 1:4 says that even the mountains will melt under the Lord. Mountains! Under this heat, the mountains rush and run like rivers. Only God can do that!

As wax, I have learned to humble myself, set aside pride, hear the sweet voice of my Lord, dance with orphans, and love the least of these. My independence would have never allowed this! Praise the Lord for melting me!

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