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Hellooo  everyone!! So sorry for such a delayed update! The past few weeks have been such a whirlwind. Here’s a little update on what the Lord has been teaching me and what my team and I have been up to!

The past few weeks we have been going into elementary and middle schools teaching English and sharing Jesus’ love, encouraging the 1% of believers at the local churches, and going into the Juvenile Detention Center to minister to the girls there.

While trying to figure out what to write about, I kept thinking I should focus on the impact we have made on others. However, the Lord has really put it on my heart to tell y’all about something specific that has greatly impacted me. Like I mentioned in my last blog, less than 1% of people here are Christians and almost everyone else is Buddhist. One of the ways my team has been doing ministry is through visiting and encouraging local Christian churches. Thankfully gathering together to worship Jesus is legal in Thailand! Praise God for that.

Last week we visited the biggest church in the area. There were about 50 people attending which was the by far the biggest church we had seen! The other churches we visited had no more than 15-20 people. Again, to us mega church attending, Bible Belt believers, that might seem so tiny and kinda sad. While it is most definitely disheartening that this country is so lost, something that the Lord taught me was that where believers are the minority, the body of Christ is much stronger. They must stick together to fight for their faith and for their family and friends to know Jesus. These people are in a sprint to the finish line. They are running their race! Almost every Thai person I have encountered here has NEVER heard the name of Jesus. Imagine how hard it must be for believers here to know that nearly everyone around them was not only born into a Buddhist family but a Buddhist country? How much more difficult for the believers who have heard the truth and accepted it, but not one of their parents or friends or spouse has. I have dreamed with the Lord and prayed for the churches and number of believers here to grow, but right now the small body is beautiful and strong. What a wonderful sight it is to see the 1% worshiping the one true God!

One elderly lady at the first church we went to told us her story. Not long ago she was very sick and thought she was about to die. During that time, she had a vision of a man that healed her. She recovered miraculously after that vision! However, she had been Buddhist her whole life so she didn’t recognize who it was that healed her until she walked into a Christian church. The “man” that healed her in her vision was Jesus. She gave her life to Him after that and now regularly attends the church we visited, but her husband is still Buddhist.
Thank God that he is our Emmanuel. He is God with us. However, He has created us to live in community and fellowship with other believers.

What struck me about each of these churches was how on fire for the Lord they were and how uniquely God has revealed himself to each of them. Such a small body of believers, but how powerful they were. They knew that they knew that they KNEW who Jesus is and how He has saved them! They are FULL of faith and life and freedom and it was a beautiful thing to witness. I was brought to tears and so encouraged by their love for God and deep compassion for people. I was moved by how welcoming and hospitable they were to a group of 12 foreign strangers. They brought us in as their family, let us share what the Lord has been doing and teaching us, prayed for us, and even prepared noodles for us to eat with them after the service. So much love. So much life. I believe that the Lord will add to their numbers daily (Acts 16:5).


In a world full of darkness and brokenness, Jesus still shines through. Quick update on se Other relational ministry: Our friend Song, a sweet 18 year old girl we met at the beginning of the trip, accepted Jesus last night! The Lord has been preparing her heart to hear the truth and receive it. The Lord is also working and growing Kuk-Kik, the girl I wrote about in my last blog that accepted Jesus 24 hours after hearing the gospel for the first time! Tonight I got to share the gospel with Granny, the lady that I get coffee from nearly every morning! The Lord is moving and working and is using my team and I in mighty ways.

I am so thankful for the time I’ve gotten to spend here so far. He has grown my heart tremendously for these people. He has given me his eyes to see the brokenness and need for Him. I don’t know how I will ever leave this place! Please pray for the seeds that have been planted. Pray that the staff of YWAM and the other teams to come will faithfully water the seeds that we have planted that they may someday bear fruit. Thanks again for your prayers and all the love and support!!!



Church today! 

Motana Church (first church we visited)

Sweet discipleship time with Kukkik

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