bare foot

For the past month I have been living in a little community in Ratchaburi, Thailand. Every morning I woke up and walked down the street to get some sweetened condensed milk with a side of instant coffee from “granny”. I came back, sat on the roof, admired the sky, and spent time with Jesus. I would shower and start sweating legitimately .5 seconds after turning off the water. Everyday my team would hop in our song tau (the back of a truck full of benches) and head off to ministry. Every where we entered we left our shoes outside and ran around in our bare feet. In the last thirty days I gave out more “Ys” and sawadeekahs than I could count. Throughout the day we would use hand gestures and translators to share Jesus’s love and the gospel. We would struggle to order food/find anything with Thai directions. The people treated our foreignness with kindness and acceptance. We always had a lot of stares, but the curiosity opened doors to speak about Jesus. 


I have been back in America for less than 2 days and I already miss the sweet Thai culture. No shoes, all smiles, beautiful scenery, and lots of eating sweets/carbs. Every one is happy to be awake and living- everyone was thankful for simple life they led. I miss granny and the kids and soaking in their very very different culture. 


I am so thankful I was able to spend the past month half way around the world and fully immerse myself in their culture, meeting them right where they were at. We were able to do ministry in 2 schools, a juvenile detention center, on the radio, with children refugees, 3 Christian churches, a hospital, and daily throughout our community. The team that I was able to serve along side was a group of 12 girls from Oregon to Massachusetts and everywhere in between. Each of the girls were unique in their walk with the Lord and together we made a strong force for the Kingdom. Together we were the “the whole body, fitted and knit together by every supporting ligament, promoting the growth of the body for building itself up in love by the proper working of each individual part.” E4:16 Everyone’s only goal for the day was inviting more people to know Jesus. With only encouragement and wisdom- Jesus used each of the girls to teach me something new about Himself and to place new desires in my heart for my relationship with Him.

So many times I heard the phrase “to be Thai is to be Buddhist.” Coming from the Bible Belt, it was SO difficult for me to wrap my mind around the fact that I was not surrounded by a majority of people who knew the gospel, but a small minority. Only 1% of the nation identifies as a believer. Only 1% of the Thai people know Jesus’s love and the gift of salvation. They are all working for good karma and family blessings, completely unaware that judgement by the law has been defeated and Jesus paid the price for their freedom. They pray to dead gods and give offerings unto them. They do not know the Living Love of God- and the joy and peace that only comes from Him. 


He moved in so many ways. He provided uncountable opportunities and solutions to break language barriers. He opened hearts and opened doors. He placed us in situations where people were hungry for His love and through us He was able to satisfy that hunger. 


It was SO hard leaving Thailand knowing that so many people still needed to hear about Jesus. My heart breaks for the people there who do not know Him. BUT, I am encouraged by the 1% who are there are spreading His love and the freedom that He brings daily. They work hard for the Kingdom each and every day. They encouraged me so much with their steadfast love that didn’t waver based on circumstances. We were able to encourage them and also plant seeds that they will continue to water. I am confident that Jesus will grow the seeds and use them to glorify His name in Thailand. 

Thank you to everyone who supported this mission trip and has been keeping up with what the Lord did through our team!! Y’all encouraged me SO much. I am excited to share more of what He did with you all!! Please don’t hesitate to call/text me and ask for more!! Keep praying for freedom and redemption for the people of Thailand. I believe that they will be a nation under God!! 




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